In Re: Lumber Liquidators Chinese-Manufactured Laminate Flooring Products Marketing, Sales Practices And Products Liability Litigation

Case No. 1:15-md-02627 (AJT/TRJ)


In Re: Lumber Liquidators Chinese-Manufactured Laminate Flooring Durability Marketing And Sales Practices Litigation

Case No. 1:16-md-02743 (AJT/TRJ)

United States District Court for Eastern District of Virginia Alexandria Division

UPDATE (9/16/20)

On September 4, 2020, the Court issued an Order approving Plaintiffs’ Motion for Attorneys’ Fees, Costs, Expenses, and Service Awards to Class Representatives, and directed the Settlement Administrator to proceed with distribution of Settlement benefits. The Settlement Administrator is currently working to process claims and expects distributions of all Settlement benefits (cash and voucher) to be made at the end of 2020.

UPDATE (4/1/20)

On March 10, 2020, the Fourth Circuit affirmed the fairness of the settlement over the objectors’ arguments, but sent the settlement back to the District Court to determine attorneys' fees.

The determination of fees affects the pro rata share of the cash award to qualified claimants who opted for cash settlement benefits, so a final determination needs to made before distribution of cash settlement proceeds can occur. It's possible that a further appeal could be taken from the Fourth Circuit's decision, or later, from the District Court's determination of fees. If another appeal occurs, unfortunately, there would be further delay in distributing benefits to settlement class members who submitted timely claims for cash benefits.

Class Counsel look forward to the distribution of all settlement benefits as soon as possible. We will post an update here at this website as soon as we have significant further information to report.

UPDATE (12/18/18)

The District Court approved the Class Settlement and fees on October 9, 2018 and November 15, 2018, respectively. However, an appeal has been filed by two objectors. That appeal has been docketed at 18-2351 Fourth Circuit. Until that appeal is resolved, settlement benefits cannot be distributed to qualified claimants. We are sorry for the delay. Updates on that appeal will be posted here.

If You purchased Chinese-made laminate flooring (“Class Flooring”) sold by Lumber Liquidators between January 1, 2009 and May 31, 2015,
You May Qualify to Receive Benefits from a Class Action Settlement

Important Dates

September 4, 2018 – Postmark Deadline to Mail Requests for Exclusion.

September 4, 2018 – Deadline to File Objections with the Court. Postmark Deadline for Mailed Objections.

October 3, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. – Fairness Hearing.

Extended to October 20, 2018 – Deadline to Submit a Claim Form. Postmark Deadline for mailed Claim Forms.

A proposed Settlement has been reached in class action lawsuits involving Class Flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators between January 1, 2009 and May 31, 2015. This settlement does not constitute an admission of liability by the Company of any fault or liability. The parties have agreed to settle these matters to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigation.

You may be included in one or both of two Settlement Classes if you are a verified purchaser of Class Flooring and submit a Claim Form by clicking here.

The Settlement will provide eligible class members a portion of their purchase price back in cash or a voucher which can be used at Lumber Liquidators. The total value of the Settlement is $36,000,000.00 consisting of $22,000,000 in cash and $14,000,000 in vouchers. In addition to repaying class members, the cash portion will be used to pay attorneys’ fees, costs (including expert fees and costs to administer the settlement), expenses, and service awards to class representatives. The vouchers are transferrable among family members. Please read the entire Notice for further information.



This is the only way to receive benefits under the Settlement. You may complete and return the claim form attached to the postcard notice if you received one or you can submit a claim online by clicking here. Claims must be submitted no later than the extended deadline of October 20, 2018 if submitted online, and must be postmarked no later than the extended deadline of October 20, 2018 if submitted by mail.


If you opt out, you will not receive any benefits from the Settlement, but you will keep any rights you currently have to separately sue the Defendant for the claims that are the subject of this lawsuit. The deadline to exclude yourself is September 4, 2018.


You may write to the Court and all counsel explaining why you object to the Settlement. Any objection must be filed no later than September 4, 2018. See questions 16 and 17 for additional requirements.


If you do not exclude yourself from the Settlement and file an objection meeting the criteria outlined in Question 16, you may ask to speak in Court about the Settlement at the Final Approval Hearing scheduled for October 3, 2018 at 10:00am. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information about excluding yourself from the settlement and objecting to the settlement.


If you do not exclude yourself or submit a timely claim, you will not receive benefits from the Settlement and you will give up any rights you currently have as specified in the Settlement Agreement to separately sue the Defendant for the claims being resolved by the Settlement.

Your rights and options – and the deadlines to exercise them – are explained in the Notice.

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